Krzysztof Kałużyński is an expert in economic law in particular.  He is a specialist in civil and commercial law and has experience in series of administrative law branches as well. His practice includes legal services for entrepreneurs, other organisational entities, administration bodies and individuals. 

Within the scope of so far practice, he was an advisor for numerous key entities of the construction, building materials production, insurance and real-estate branches.  He also cooperated with leading companies of the logistics, forwarding and transport and electronics industries.  He was a leader of lawyers team responsible for legal services for customers, supervised and ran special projects related with transactions and processes of investments.  He was responsible for conducting series of due diligence processes, including those related with international transactions of purchasing shares and stocks.

Krzysztof was also the Director of the Legal Proceedings Office at a leading insurance company, where he supervised legal services for over 20 organisational entities and the company headquarters. He, simultaneously, supervised all legal aspects of an insurance company activity, including the content of conducted contracts and general insurance conditions.  He also advised in regulation issues and was responsible for legal relations with administrative bodies of the insurance market.

When developing his professional career, he elaborated proceedings strategies and represented clients in numerous court litigations, both in common courts, the Supreme Court, as well as administrative courts (including the Supreme Administrative Court).  He also ran cases at the National Appeals Chamber, in the field of public procurement contracts and at Self-Government Appeal Boards, regarding real-estate cases and natural environment protection matters.  He also represented clients in cases of appeals against decisions of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. 
Krzysztof Kałużyński is a legal adviser, registered in the legal advisers list, held by the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.

He speaks English fluently.