The experience and practice of our Law Office as far as civil law is concerned includes a wide range of various cases from numerous law domains.  Civil-law relations are basic relations in running a business and other types of activities as well as at various ongoing life situations of natural persons.

We have advised our Customers in series of cases related with protection of law interests, both regarding the obligation law as well as ius-in-rem relationships.  Our experience includes in particular:

  • cases within real-estate law,
  • full range of consulting in concluding, realisation and executing contracts,
  • contractual and material securities for debts,
  • complex handling of claims vindication,
  • cases within the area of protection of personal rights,
  • legal assistance as far as trade of goods and services is concerned,
  • consulting in issues of warranties, guarantees and consumer sale,
  • inheritance and succession law,
  • bills of exchange, cheques and securities,
  • court and execution proceedings.