Our experience includes activities in this field such as legal representation at common courts, the Supreme Court, as well as during proceedings at administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court. We have also represented Customers at administrative bodies, tax offices, customs offices, court executive officers, the National Appeals Chamber and self-government appeal boards.  We handled court cases in various law domains and these were, often, trials over multi-million value subjects.

We took part in developing trial strategies and handling cases in such domains as:

  • construction and construction contracts law,
  • real-estate law,  
  • insurance law,
  • copyright law,  
  • labour law,  
  • penal and penal-fiscal law,  
  • competition and consumer protection law,
  • environment protection law,
  • public procurement law.  

We have also participated in a wide spectrum of cases within the scope of civil law, including those regarding:

  • transport and forwarding law,  
  • protection of personal rights,  
  • developers agreements,  
  • corporate litigations and cases related with commercial, bankruptcy and reorganisation law.  

We have also handled cases related to determining and increasing fees on account of perpetual usufruct.

We offer complex handling of proceedings and also, on Customers request, we support them by entering the proceedings at particular stages, helping in preparation of proceeding documents and advising in selection of an efficient strategy for running a case.  We treat each case individually, proposing particular solutions, taking our experience and knowledge of regulations, as well as sentences in analogical cases into account.